2017 Uganda Mission – Day 7

By July 17, 2017 October 18th, 2019 Updates

Somewhat of a day of rest after rains this afternoon we went in a large motorized canoe down the Nile river and onto Lake Victoria, the second largest lake in the world. It was truly spectacular! There are many souvenir shops on the way back where we were able to get an African map, hand-woven bracelets, and some handmade African dresses. Monkeys were having a fight in the trees above us, and dozens of different species of birds resided on the trees we come near, including the Great blue and orange African Hornbill, a stark- white eagle, and the white manzooga bird.

Amazingly, we met a man in a hotel who is an ophthalmologist from Tennessee and had cases and cases of prescription eyeglasses and readers to share in a clinic as a ministry here. David knew that Lana needed glasses and so we arranged an appointment. You see Lana was checked a year ago and found that she desperately needed glasses for her nearsightedness. The clinics are very rare here and it’s very expensive to get glasses; she has just gone without as most people here do.

This truly was a miracle that we ran into this man at this time. He checked her out and said she had a cataract forming in her right eye, and he found the perfect pair of prescription glasses for her. Praise the Lord!