2017 Uganda Mission – Day 6

We have an absolutely glorious day as we travel to Prayer Mountain above Jinja. We traveled past small communities on very rugged red roads. We pass women with baskets on their heads, many small brightly-colored motorcycles hired as taxis called boda-bodas. Everywhere people are walking…dressed in bright dresses and men in polos and slacks.

At the top of the mountain, we reach a large gate with large red lettering that reads, “Jesus Christ is the only Lord here.” You see, this area used to be dominated by witchcraft and many people feared coming near of the top of the mountain.

The gate opens and the landscape quickly changes from various shacks and shanties to neatly lined pine trees and beautifully placed tropical foliage along the road. We wind to the top and there are beautiful buildings with exquisite brightly-colored foliage everywhere. It feels like a little piece of heaven. There is even a basketball court and a tennis court! It is a pristine campground setting where leaders from many nations and groups come to pray and devote their time to God. Developed only five years ago by a German woman named Maria Prean-Bruni, it is now very well established by another couple named Hans and Inga as the caretakers. There are beautiful stone walks, and plenty of food and supplies for everyone. 25 local Uganda staff members with gracious servant hearts assist us. There is a worship room, a dining area, and an outdoor patio with a large thatch roof for us all to dine and enjoy the cool mountain breezes overlooking the beautiful Lake Victoria below. We dine on chicken, Irish potatoes, cucumber salad, rice, green sweet potatoes, and peanuts ground up and purple in color but taste like peanut butter.

Philip has a wonderful presentation for us, and the organist is masterful at playing the worship music. It is truly inspiring as Philip shares the devotional and what he learned from Global Teen Challenge. We’re becoming increasingly aware of Phillip’s hard work, expertise, and eloquent communication skills as he ministers to people bringing unity and encouragement to all. His joyful laughter truly is infectious.

I share the overall Gospel Mission Africa goals so that we are all aware of how we are moving forward as a ministry strong. David is a real trooper. Even though he is still sick from the day before, he insists on being there as leader.

It is so amazing what God has done already, and how many people have played a part in this expansion into eastern Africa to share the gospel of Jesus Christ!