2017 Uganda Mission – Day 4

By July 17, 2017 October 18th, 2019 Updates, Women & Children’s Ministry

We start today and go to the top of the large hill or mountain in Jinja. There is a beautiful building which is an orphanage or Christian Shalom project children’s home where the staff care for 67 vulnerable children. We realize that we cannot fully support one children’s home or even start one, but rather it would be wise for us to take indigenous professionally trained existing homes and partner with them. And that’s what we would like to consider doing with this group. They are registered with the government, keep accurate notes on everything they do for the children, and even train the families so that if children need to go to a uncle or other extended family member, they can be reunited somehow and keep family ties.

Next, we go to the Help Primary center. It was fully surrounded by large concrete wall with yellow and red paint. It was very impressive as they had 500 children. We all fit into this large room with the children already seated on benches awaiting our arrival. Philip shows Passion of the Christ, and Lana teaches them a children’s song. They are so respectful and sit there and listen so well for young children.

It was quite impressive as this school was started by a man named Keith who got cerebral malaria as a youth and at one time in his life crawled on the streets in the dirt until he was able to go to school and start this primary school. Amazing people, and amazing commitment to God. They invited Lana to come back weekly and teach a Good News Club. Many children professed faith in Christ today.

As we look back over these few days we see there are many needs. As follows:

  • 150 Bibles written in the language of Luganda.
  • Betty Mikasa, leader of purse ministry 1st church, needs exposure about her purses. $20 each.
  • 2nd church women need 4 sewing machines to make garments to help women be self sustaining.

Mukisa Juliet; leader of project shalom home

  • 67 kids shortage for this 1st Term
  • 7000 or about 100 each 3 terms per year

Alice Ayo; social worker Shalom Home Manager

Lydia and Alex Isabiroie; our wonderful staff that work for next to nothing.

Onto the new adventures tomorrow.